Manna Students

The Student Ministry of Manna Church exists to be the change in our schools and communities, and to ultimately do our part in changing the world. Rather than holding a weekly youth service, we love to get our student’s involved at our weekend experiences, serving on our various teams. At least once a month, our students gather for an interactive and engaging event where they can grow in their faith, build life-giving relationships, fellowship with others, and get plugged into all things Student Ministries.

At Manna Church, we believe that discipleship happens best through Small Groups, and we especially believe this to be true with teenagers. We hope to provide parents and students with the flexibility to attend a Small Group that focus on spiritual growth, developing healthy relationships, and outreach. We strive to offer every means possible for students to connect with God in a relevant way, and there’s nothing more relevant than a peer living wholeheartedly for Jesus. We don’t just see students as the leaders who can make a change. We see them as the change!