We are thrilled to gather with you in-person!

Gathering together in the midst of a pandemic looks a little different than it did pre-pandemic. You can find what we are doing to keep you safe, as well as some FAQs, here.

Our Manna Online worship service is continuing for those who prefer to continue watching from home. Whichever way you choose to worship, we love having you a part of the Manna Ohana.


*It is absolutely free to reserve seats. You will not be asked for any payment information.*
**The two seats on either side of your reserved seats will be automatically blocked to ensure social distancing.**


  • Please limit your seat reservations for people in your household.
  • Click on the green "Register Now" button below.
  • Choose the seating Section.
  • To pick your own seats, choose the "I would like to select my own seats" option.
  • Click on your desired seats. Darkened seats indicate that they are already reserved or are blocked for social distancing.
  • *Do not select the entire row; click on the individual seats you want to reserve.*
  • If you select the wrong seats and want to start over, click the "Empty Cart" button in the upper right hand corner
  • Click the blue "Checkout" button on the right of the screen to proceed.
  • Read the short Health Questionnaire and respond accordingly. Enter Contact Info for your household and click "Continue" to enter in the name of each individual.
  • Click on "Submit" after reviewing your info and then "Finish" to complete your reservation.
  • An email will be sent to the address provided. Please have that email ready when you check in at service.


  • Check in when you arrive. When you arrive, proceed to one of our check-in tables. We will ask you a brief health questionnaire and verify your info in case of the need of contact tracing. You will then be free to proceed to your reserved seat.
  • Wear your masks. We ask that all our guests and team members wear masks at all times to limit the spread of germs. For those guests with health conditions that prohibit the use of a mask, please consider a face shield. Children under 5 do not need to have a face covering, per local and CDC guidelines.
  • Maintain social distance. We know it’s been a while...we wish we could hug you, too! But please be mindful of the social distance guidelines in place and stick to shakas and air hugs. Please do not congregate or linger on Olino property.
  • Be ready for your keiki. We are so excited to welcome our ELEMENTARY age MannaKids to their very own in-person MannaKids service! If you registered your Elementary age child(ren) for our Elementary MannaKids service, please make sure you check them in at our MannaKids check-in table in the lobby. Our MannaKids team will seat children socially distanced by family.
    • We are not able to have our normal Nursery, Preschool, and Toddler MannaKids just yet. With that in mind, we’ve put together our online Preschool & Toddler MannaKids content to be streamed during the message portion of the service. We encourage you to have your kids join in for worship, then whip out that phone or tablet and some earbuds to help keep them (and you!) happy during service. You can also visit our MannaKids pinterest board for great ideas to keep those little bodies busy! We will also have a tv available in the hallway that will air the message for those that may need to step out with an extra loud little one for a moment. We also have elementary content available online if you decided to keep your older children with you.
  • If in doubt, don’t go out...and choose online! If there is any concern of sickness or exposure or general feelings of unwellness, please be courteous and choose our online worship experience even if you have reserved seats.