Re-Gathering FAQ


  • Frequent sanitizing. High touch surfaces are sanitized frequently, minimum every 30 minutes. Seats, chair rails, and tray tables are disinfected before, between, and after services.
  • Cleaning the air. Air filters have been installed in the theatres that filter out the virus. You can rest easy knowing you are breathing clean air.
  • Wearing masks. All team members will be wearing masks except when on stage. We will have plexiglass shields in front of singers to prevent any spray.
  • Monitoring team members and guests. Each team member and guest must positively complete a health questionnaire before staying. Those who answer no to any of the three questions will be asked to wait 14 days before joining us in person.
  • Providing hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be available at check in and inside the theatre to encourage cleanliness and minimize the spread of germs.


Will there be MannaKids?

We are currently offering our Elementary MannaKids K-5 in-person. You can register your keiki for this at checkout when you reserve your seats. For preschoolers and under, our MannaKids content is available on the website or app.

Please be prepared with things to help them stay content (need ideas? Visit our MannaKids pinterest board!). Be ready to step out with them momentarily to get out some wiggles and giggles if needed. We’ll have the message playing on a tv in the hallway to help you stay engaged if that happens. We don’t mind a little noise because we love our little ones, but we also want to keep those around us in mind.

Will there be coffee and snacks?

We are suspending our coffee and snacks for the time being. Feel free to come with your own water. Please note that the theatre is not offering any food or beverage service at this time.

How come we can’t hang out in the theatre/lobby after service?

We need you to exit quickly so we can make sure everything is sanitized and reset quickly and the theatre has asked us to limit congregating for the time being. Feel free to have your conversations (socially distanced style) outside!

What if I forget to make a reservation ahead of time?

Just see a SERVE Team member at our “Need A Seat?” table; we will be reserving a limited number of seats each week for walk-ins and first time guests who didn’t know to reserve ahead of time. We also have the ability to stream the Manna Online content in extra theaters should we run out of space in the live worship theater.

Can I give on Sunday morning?

While we are encouraging online giving, we will have a team member and bucket available should you desire to give via cash or check while on the premises.