A Small Group consists of 3 or more people who gather together to build community, to grow and serve together. They meet in a variety of places and cover a variety of interests. To see the contact info for each group, click on the Small Group Leader's name.

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Women of the Bible

Leader Name:   Ashley Sigafoose
Meeting Time:   TBD
Location:   TBD
Focus:   We will be studying the heroines of the faith as we read "Women of the Bible" by Spangler and Syswerda. Using the stories of these women we will discuss the beautiful and the messy parts of life. You don't have to purchase the book to attend!

Propel Women's Group

Leader Name:   Cindy Arakaki
Meeting Time:   Wednesday's from 6:00 - 7:30pm
Location:   Waikele
Focus:   We equip and empower women from all walks of life. Whether you lead in the boardroom or the playroom, the marketplace or ministry we want to help you understand your identity so you can fulfill your God-given Passion, Purpose, Potential.

The Story of Marriage

Leader Name:   John & Janis Tanga
Meeting Time:   Saturdays, 9am
Location:   Mililani, contact for address
Focus:   6-session series from John & Lisa Bevere’s “The Story of Marriage.” Come learn the truth about God’s amazing love for us in marriage. Be equipped to battle the enemy’s schemes to “steal, kill, and destroy” God’s creation of marriage.

Hiking Hawai'i

Leader Name:   Richard Darling
Meeting Time:   1-2 times a month (meet time will vary depending on hike)
Location:   Hike dependent
Focus:   A small group for anyone who wants to get out and experience what Hawai’i has to offer. Hikes will be suitable for all experience levels.

Iron Sharpens Iron - Men's Group

Leader Name:   Shawn Withy-Allen
Meeting Time:   Tuesdays, 7:30pm-8:30pm
Location:   Ka Makana Ali'i Food Court
Focus:   We’ll encourage and challenge each other to grow in a variety of ways, the most important being in our relationship with God. We will use a variety of resources and incorporate weekly challenges and accountability to ensure we don’t remain the same.

Called Youth Ministry

Leader Name:   Landon Mauricio
Meeting Time:   Sundays @ 6:30pm
Location:   91-1258 Renton Road, Ewa Beach
Focus:   CALLED is a ministry created for students to build a relationship with Jesus and other believers around Hawai'i. Captivating messages and awesome faith-related activities everyone from all ages. Let us help you discover God's calling for you!

Surf Small Group

Leader Name:   Brit Kentner
Meeting Time:   1st and 3rd Saturdays, 9:30am
Location:   White Plains Beach
Focus:   Co-ed group that meets to simply enjoy the fun waves at White Plains. BYOB (Bring Your Own Board)


Leader Name:   Jazmin Orse
Meeting Time:   Tuesdays, 5-6pm
Location:   94-223 Hanawai Circle 96797, HI, Waipahu
Focus:   A place where you can be yourself without worrying who is watching. A place where you are able to workout and have fun with it too. This group will be a place where you can build relationships and pray with one another.

Size Up!

Leader Name:   Allison Adams
Meeting Time:   TBD
Location:   TBD
Focus:   Love to organize and plan? We’ll get together to fellowship, plan, organize, and serve our church and community through a clothing swap geared towards getting our kids ready to go back to school in style!

Second Saturday's Foodies

Leader Name:   Teresa "T" Trevino, Cara Coleman, Ashley Sigafoose
Meeting Time:   2nd Saturday of the Month (beginning July 14)
Location:   Moku Kitchen in Kaka'ako
Focus:   This group is open to all lovers of food! We will meet at a new restaurant each time to explore Oahu’s rich cuisine culture while we fellowship with one another.

Strategic Prayer

Leader Name:   Shawn Withy-Allen
Meeting Time:   Varies
Location:   Varies
Focus:   We’ll meet at various strategic locations in the community to pray for God’s power to break through. This is a great group for those who love to pray AND those who would like to learn how to pray more effectively. God has given us.

Manna City

Leader Name:   Stacey Toma
Meeting Time:   Weekday TBD, 12:30pm
Location:   Bishop Street, canopy tables between Starbucks and 7-11
Focus:   Co-Adult Bible Study. Let’s meet for lunch 1-2x a month if you are in downtown to encourage and uplift each other, love His Word, and sermon Q&A.

SERVE Team - Worship

Leader Name:   Brit Kentner
Meeting Time:   Sunday mornings
Location:   'Olino/Manna
Focus:   Love to sing? Play an instrument? Join the Worship Team! We love to help people connect to God through music.

SERVE Team - Set-up

Leader Name:   Jermaine Adams
Meeting Time:   Sundays, 6:30am
Location:   'Olino Theatre
Focus:   Join us at 6:30am as we transform the movie theaters into a great place to celebrate who God is and what He’s doing! Breakfast, good talks, and personal satisfaction included.

SERVE Team - Hospitality

Leader Name:   Teresa "T" Trevino
Meeting Time:   Sunday mornings
Location:   'Olino/Manna
Focus:   We are the small group that provides breakfast & coffee service on Sunday mornings for our amazing Manna serve teams, attendees and guests. Our schedule rotates among our team members to serve at least once a month.

SERVE Team - Production

Leader Name:   Brandon DiBianca
Meeting Time:   Sunday mornings
Location:   'Olino/Manna
Focus:   Like the tech side of things? Want to learn more about lighting, cameras, and mixing sound? The Production Team loves to help people have an excellent and distraction-free worship experience.

SERVE Team - Teardown

Leader Name:   Rick Gerrity
Meeting Time:   Sundays, 10:30am
Location:   'Olino/Manna
Focus:   Join us after 2nd service to transform Manna back into theaters by helping teardown and load equipment. An easy team to join, learn on the spot, and meet some great people!


Leader Name:   Tyson Lum
Meeting Time:   This group consists of a series of 5-10 minute videos with interactive questions that you can do at your own pace. In person discussion and face to face gatherings will be at the convenience of those in the group.
Location:   Your smartphone, laptop, notebook or ipad.
Focus:   This group focuses on developing the healthy habits of a follower of Jesus: consistency in reading the Bible, prayer, worship, and more. If you are going to fulfill your potential, it’s critical that you learn how to consistently connect with Him.


Leader Name:   Shawn Withy-Allen
Meeting Time:   Sundays, 10:45-11:30am (also available in video format via email interactions)
Location:   'Olino Theatres Lanai
Focus:   In Next Step we discuss Who we are, Why we are, Where we’re going, and What part you play in Manna Church. If you are in the process of deciding if Manna Church is for you or you know 100% that this is your church home, this group is a must for you.